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Hello, nice to see you

We are the KSG Erfurt. We meet every Wednesday evening in the KSG rooms, Fischersand 23. The evenings usually begin at 6.15 pm with Holy Mass, a Taizé prayer or a prayer service in the Brunnenkirche - right next to the KSG. This is followed by a communal evening meal and then the Program geplante Abendveranstaltung.
Neben den regulären Terminen am Mittwoch, fallen aber noch viele weitere Veranstaltungen ins Jahr, wie unser Patfest, Winzerfest, Wandertag, Fußballturnier u.v.m.
Du siehst bei uns ist viel los und so besteht die KSG auch aus vielen unterschiedlichen Menschen, die gemeinsam Abende, Feste und Andachten erleben. Doch wofür steht KSG eigentlich? Hierzu haben wir ein Leitbild erstellt, welches du dir gerne einmal durchlesen kannst.


On the home page you will always find our current upcoming dates. You want to know what else is planned this semester at KSG? Then download our program. Here you can also see what events there are at ESG Erfurt.

SoSe 2024 Programm

WS 2023/24 Program

Patfest 2024

All are cordially invited to our next Patfest (patronage festival) from 19th to 21st April. Under the slogan “Yes and Amen? Mary, Seat of Wisdom” we have planned a beautiful program, which is structured as follows:

Friday 19th April

6.15 pm prayer in the basement of the KSG with afterwards barbecue evening (5€)

Saturday 20th April

10 am academic breakfast

1 pm indoor miniature golf (5€)

7 pm dance evening with (entrance 6.30 pm) (15€)

Sunday 21st April

11 am holy mass and dinner

registration here


Our Mission statement


Common faith:
We are a church in a community that lives out of a relationship with Christ.

Openness :
We accept everyone's uniqueness and are committed to human interaction.

Divine service:
We offer a variety of opportunities to live, deepen and rediscover faith.


We open up space and time for discussions on all areas of student and religious life.

We are open to anyone who feels part of our community,
even beyond the student community.

We discover the diversity of life through joint activities and celebrations.


We are a community that lives everyday life united in faith.

We provide the space where meaning and support in God can be experienced.

We offer the opportunity to play an active role in shaping community life, to enrich it with your own skills and expertise and to try out new things.