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The KSG council is responsible for planning the KSG evenings, organising the festivals and other matters. Each member is responsible for one area of responsibility and is elected for two semesters. The KSG council currently consists of eight members. They meet about once a month during the semester to evaluate previous events and prepare upcoming ones. The meetings are open to the public. You are cordially invited to take part in the meetings. Die nächste Sitzung findet am 16. Juli 2024 um 15:00 Uhr in der KSG statt. Minutes are also taken during the meetings and published promptly. You can find the minutes of the last meeting here: Protokoll_2024-06-17

Do you want to know who has been elected to the KSG council and what their task is?
Just click on the pictures of our KSG council members.

Anna Reinhardt - Pastoral counsellor

- head of the KSG - pastoral care, - organisation of tenants, - contact with the diocese, - intra-church representation, - book-keeping, - letterbox, - semester program coordination

Anna T. - Spokesperson

- general contact person, - mailbox, - newsletter, - convening of the council, - leeding the meeting, - announcements

Maja - Foreign Secretary

- nationwide representation ["Ostwinde" - east region, federal association], - nationwide events [football tournament, "Rauszeit", pubquiz], - hiking day of the thuringian KSGs & ESGs

Vincent - Public relations

- instagram, - website, - poster design

Jens - Finance & Beverages

- cash register & refunds, - new acquisitions, - pasoffs, - provision of beverages

Felix - Liturgy

- coordination of services [preparation, assignment of tasks] - vergering (delegate) - contact to the music/ choir

Luise - Ecumenism

- ecumenical semester opening and closing services, - ecumenical evenings - cooperation with ESG and SfC

Dorothea - International

- contact person for international students, - translations, - international evening